I am a family man at heart, Dad to 4 beautiful daughters and Husband to my gorgeous wife Lisa.. 

My love for photography started when i was 15, I saved my wages from a summer job on Scarborough sea front and bought myself a zenith 35mm film camera and lens and rest as they say ...is history.

A couple of decades on and here I am with my trusty Nikon, pointing it at anything and everything. but best of all being asked to photograph people on the most important day of their lives, don't mean to be cliché but it is a dream job

Whenever possible I love to travel. London is a favourite and I love Scotland too. Just recently Lisa and myself were lucky enough to take a trip to New York and even managed a week long trip to the Norwegian fjords, when I go anywhere I always take along the camera.  

Although wedding photography is the main focus of my what I do, I also love taking photos of landscapes, people, animals, buildings.... just about anything. I don't think of myself as just a wedding photographer but more simply as someone who has a love of photography, a genuine passion to just take pictures. So wherever life takes me.. I take my camera and whilst you may think that photographing landscapes or strangers in the street has nothing to do with weddings, I think that people and places are weddings, and every time I click that shutter it makes me a better photographer.