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Chilled, relaxed, easy going but get the job done is probably how I would describe myself. I like to try and keep fit and do the occasional 10k but don't break any records. I have a pair of 1210s and a huge collection of vinyl records (predominantly trance and progressive house) I'm happily married we have 4 daughters and a chihuahua called Frankie.

My photography journey started when I was 15, I saved my wages from a summer job on Scarborough sea front and bought myself a zenith 35mm film camera and lens and rest as they say ...is history.

A couple of decades on and here I am with my trusty Nikon, pointing it at anything and everything. I photographed my first wedding in 2016. It was my sisters wedding but still quite daunting, then the requests started coming in from friends of friends etc... and before I knew it I was a wedding photographer.


Although wedding photography is the main focus of my what I do, I also love taking photos of landscapes, people, animals, buildings.... just about anything. I don't think of myself as just a wedding photographer but more simply as someone who has a love of photography, a genuine passion to just take pictures. So wherever life takes me.. I take my camera and whilst you may think that photographing landscapes or strangers in the street has nothing to do with weddings, I think that people and places are weddings, and every time I click that shutter it makes me a better photographer.