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Hackness Grange wedding

Around 7 miles North west of Scarborough lies idyllic the village of Hackness. Steeped in beauty and on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors national park.

Queen Elizabeth granted the manor of Hackness to Lord Essex, after which it passed to Arthur Dakins Esq. whose only daughter Margaret took for her third husband, Sir Thomas Posthomous Hoby, from who it passed to Sir John Sydenham, who in turn sold it in 1796 to Sir Richard Vanden Bempde Johnstone, Bart….. His eldest son, Sir J Johnstone Bart, whose grandson is Lord Derwent, lived at the house before it was a hotel. These days though Hackness Grange is a stunning wedding venue sat on around 17 acres of land which gives a multitude of opportunities to create stunning wedding photography. As well as the lake there is the new pavilion placed on an island within the lake accessed by a wonderful bridge... The gallery below   Scarborough wedding photography at Hackness grange, by me.