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What is documentary wedding photography ?

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Documentary wedding photography is all about capturing those special moments as they really happen, telling the story as it unfolds. It also comes under different names such as.. reportage, candid or some like to call it natural photography but its ultimately about capturing real life images as they happen, no posing or positioning subjects, just being in the right place at the right time, even though.. to be a good documentary wedding photographer you have to have a critical eye and a story to tell. Capturing that decisive moment takes a certain amount of intuition and skill.

“A picture tells a thousand words”

As a wedding photographer I love to take the photo-journalistic approach, telling the story through pictures. We’ve all heard the expression “a picture tells a thousand words” For me capturing those moments as they happen in a candid and unobtrusive fashion is what it's all about.

Traditional wedding photography does involve a huge skill set on the part of the photographer but can tend to be a little frustrating for many, it can involve a lot of waiting around being micro-posed and leaving some feeling a little awkward, leaving the photography lacking any narrative and character.

With documentary photography it’s not just pointing the camera and taking the picture though, most documentary photographers will plan ahead, assess lighting around them, plan their shots and then wait for that perfect moment to unfold, It’s not just a case of hiding in the shadows with a 400mm lens, to tell your story I personally like to work from the inside out, get in with the action and listen to what’s going on around me.

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